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Douglas Holden

Global Head of Breeding


David Czarnecki

Jean M. Poulos

Diego Durantini

"This is an exciting time for Benary, we are investing in new facilities and new people to help us be a truly global breeding company. Breeding is the life’s blood of our company, our breeders are working very hard to develop varieties that work for the grower and the consumer."



"Benary emphasizes a unique first class product development philosophy that mimics my own goals as an ornamental breeder."


“Flower breeders benefit society by caring to protect and beautify our landscapes, and by serving the needs of growers and consumers. It is a very gratifying profession that BENARY brings to life.”


“Plant breeding is the highest expression of plant genetics. A passion that I can now combine with the chance to make breathtaking new varieties. Proud to be part of the Benary family.”



Benary Breeding


3 Breeding Locations:
Hann. Münden (GER)
Venhuizen (NL)
Watsonville (USA)


Main Product Segments:
Bedding Plants
Assorted Perennials


Development of Unique World Novelties:
e.g. Ptilotus exaltatus Joey®,
Begonia x benariensis BIG® etc.




Pim Kaagman

Erik Smit




"Making the best for both the grower and the consumer is a challenge."

"Introducing new series with beautiful colors for the future market and consumer needs - that's my aim."