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Additionally we offer a Picture Service to our customers to support their marketing. Our pictorial library contains a stock of more than 4,000 pictures.

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JinPin Flower Seedling Company Layout Ernst Benary Samenzucht GmbH is pleased to announce that they are partnering with Jintian Seedling Company and ICAN Seed to create a new company focused on providing young plants to the rapidly growing Chinese bedding plant market.

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Funky™ Pink semi-trailing begonia Funky® Pink – Benary’s new compact semi-trailing interspecific begonia. Introduceed 2016.

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Sprint Plus - the earliest semperflorens on the market

Renowned worldwide as a leader in begonias, Benary remains its main focus on begonias this year. We are introducing 5 new, novel varieties as well as expanding on current series.

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