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Viola cornuta


Admire® Denim

Item no. W9237, W9237 / T
  • The most professional Viola cornuta series on the market!
  • For fall and spring production
  • Extremely uniform
  • Vivid, non-fading colours
  • Novel colours for impulse sales
  • Full, lush packs or pots
  • Choice of 22 vibrant colors and 9 mixes
  • Biennial

  • 22-24 weeks

  • 8-10 weeks

  • 6″ / 16 cm

  • Sun - Partial shade

  • Raw & BeGreen Primed

  • Potplant, Landscape

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Colour variations

Culture guide

  • Uses: Packs, Pots, Mixed Containers and Landscape/Mass plantings
  • Exposure: Sun - Partial shade
  • Garden height: 6″ / 16 cm
  • Crop time: 8-10 weeks
  • Sowing method: 1 seed per plug
  • Media: Sowing media: pH 5.5-5.8; EC < 0.5b
    Cover lightly with a thin layer of coarse vermiculite.

    Growing on: pH 5.5-5.8; keep the pH in the lower range. This will help control the outbreak of Thielaviopsis; EC 1.25-1.5. Alternate between moisture levels wet and medium. Let plants reach a medium before resaturating to a wet.
  • Temperature: Plug culture: Temperature: 18-22 °C until radical emergence, then lower the temperature gradually to 17-18 °C. Once cotyledons are fully expanded the temperature can be reduce further to 16.5-17 °C.

    Growing on: 20-21 °C nights, 18-19 °C days for the first 14 days or until the roots reach the bottom of the container. Thereafter temperatures may be lowered to 16-18 °C day and night. An ADT (average daily temperature) of 19 °C will give the fastest finished crop. Night temperatures below 15 °C will enhance flowering.
  • Fertilization: Plug culture: Begin feeding early using a calcium based fertilizer at lower rates to keep an adequate amount of calcium and nitrogen supplied to the seedlings. On days 5-7 begin feeding with a calcium based fertilizer (14-2-14, 13-2-13, 15-5-15, 17-5-17) at 50-60 ppm. Maintain the EC between 0.5 and 0.75. Keep phosphorous levels between 6-8 ppm and boron supplied at 0.5 ppm.

    Growing on: Fertilize with a calcium based feed – 14-4-14, 15-5-15 or 17-5-15 at 100-150 ppm as needed. Phosphorus levels should be between 8-12 ppm and Boron between 0.5-0.75. Keeping the EC below 1.5 will help prevent root problems.