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Benary Announces Joint Venture in China

Benary Announces Joint Venture in China


JinPin Flower Seedling Company Layout
JinPin Flower Seedling Company layout

JinPin Flower Seedling Company Partners
JinPin Flower Seedling company partners


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Ernst Benary Samenzucht GmbH is pleased to announce that they are partnering with Jintian Seedling Company and ICAN Seed to create a new company focused on providing young plants to the rapidly growing Chinese bedding plant market. This new joint venture, called Jinpin Flower Seedling Company (Jinpin means “golden quality” in Chinese), is located in Pixan, which is part of Chengdu city in the Sichuan province.

Partners of the joint venture are:

  • Jintian Seedling Company, a local young plant producer that has produced vegetable young plants for many years. Jintian will be in charge of the management of the organization, including local production and regional sales
  • ICAN Seed, a leading sales and distribution company, with a powerful sales network all over China. ICAN Seed’s contribution will be the national sales force for young plants
  • Ernst Benary, a leading breeder of bedding plants, will contribute superior genetics and know how.

Since land cannot be purchased in China, Jinpin Flower Seedling Company has been generously granted 16 hectares (about 40 acres) of land by the Chinese government to build a premium young plant production facility and trialing station for new genetics (see photo). This land is situated in a lush area of China known for its fertile soil and favourable climate. The city of Chengdu, with over 15 million inhabitants, is one of the largest and most important economic, cultural, transportation, and communication centers in western China. This prime location seems poised to become the horticultural center of China.

Already Jinpin Flower Seedling Company is off to a strong start. More than 70 million young plants were produced in 2016 and plans are in place to produce over 200 million young plants in 5 years. For more information about Benary and their products go to or contact them at